FC Malaga City New York does not have the tryout system that American players and families are used to.  There will be no 'set time period' or 'tryout dates.'  We simply invite players to come to our trainings for a trial, and if they are good enough offer them to stay or start based on their release from their current club.  Only players increasing the talent, or fitting a need on the team will be made an offer. 

Each player needs to be mindful that they are competing with their teammates every practice.  They need to grind every day and be dedicated and focused - as a result they will push each other to new levels. Merit based promotion and relegation, just like the team.     

Think you have what it takes to join us?  Contact us and come to a practice.  See how you fit in and we'll evaluate you.  Can't make a practice? Let us know your upcoming game schedule so that we can come see you play.